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Sicily is one of the most popular destinations in Italy. The island is located in the south of the country and has a unique landscape as well as a very sophisticated culture in comparison to the rest of the country. Those, who are looking for a vacation rental in Sicily, are usually searching for a hotel near places such as Siracusa, Palermo and Messina. The three spots are located at the three corner marks of the distinctively shaped islands and have a special culture and architecture.

Vacation rentals in Sicily - Sightseeing on the Italian island

The buildings in Sicily are mainly from the ancient world, the time of the Normans and Hohenstaufen and the Baroque. The impressive ruins of the ancient world are the Greek temples in Syracuse and Agrigento. There, as in Taormina or Catania, one will also find large amphitheater from the Greek and Roman times. The Normans in Sicily are responsible for the typical Arab-Byzantine-Norman style in the architecture, who easily rebuilt the Arab buildings. Starting from the vacation rental on Sicily for a trip, it is also worth to visit the late Baroque towns of the Val di Noto, in southeastern Sicily, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Messina and Siracusa, as well as Catania are appropriate destinations, as you will find an excellent base for trips to the volcano Etna.

Cefalu as a culturally interesting place for a holiday trip

Cefalu is located in the north of Sicily and has a long history. In the medieval Old Town there is one of the most beautiful buildings of Norman times, the cathedral of San Salvatore. The basilica shows characteristics of Arab, Byzantine and Norman art. In the port of Cefalu one will find a medieval wash area, which natural water flow is routed by the rocks that have been carved out and washboards. Those, who want to spend their holiday trip in a vacation rental in Sicily, should also make a trip to Rocca di Cefalù. Here one can find relics from prehistoric and ancient times, as the remains of a temple of Diana, a byzanitschen chapel and a castle ruin. You can find a cheap accommodation in Cefalù with gloveler.

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